What is an HMO

HMO stands for a House in Multiple Occupancy – in the simplest terms, this is normally a house that is shared by 3 or more unrelated people. Most typically these properties are used by students and professional people.

HMOs will consist of bedrooms and communal spaces for the occupants to enjoy a shared living accommodation. Each Local Authority will have their own set standards for HMOs – such as bedroom sizes, the number of bathrooms and communal space size – however, if the property is large enough some may also contain ensuites, study areas or even cinema rooms.

HMOs are also broken into two different categories based on the number of occupants: Small HMO (C4 class) 3-6 occupants and Large HMO (sui generis) 7 or more.

What we can do for you

Strategically invest in HMOs to achieve upwards of 10-11% yields and £30,000 per year from one property!

Concept & Develop is more than just property investment, it’s a fully tailored HMO service designed to help serious property investors across Hampshire, and the rest of the UK make the most out of their investments.

Get HMO advice and guidance from our experts and receive tailored advice about how you should approach Investing in HMOs.

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