Houses of multiple occupancies have historically and consistently outperformed other buy-to-let models and here at Concepts & Develop, we are confident that this trend will continue. Not only HMO’s an efficient way of making use of existing housing stock and securing some of the best returns for landlords, but they provide more affordable rented accommodation options for a growing nation of tenants.

Strategically invest in HMO’s to achieve upwards of 10-11% yields and £30,000 per year from one property!


What We Do


Our HMO property sourcing service is second to none, identifying the best HMO opportunities across the UK


We provide the investment for HMOs to make the opportunity more appealing and feasible to buyers


Our experienced and qualified team members are fully equiped with all planning applications for HMOs.


Extensive experience with property management as these type of properties require greater involvement


We're here to make developing a fast and profitable reality. Our team can help you develop an existing property or we can help you find a property with great development potential.


We are fully licenced and will manage all aspects of your lettings. You never need speak to another tenant again.