Following the successes we have had for our clients as full HMO owners, we are now offering a service where we help investors purchase HMOs without having any or much previous knowledge or experience. Ask about our “hands-off investment” model.

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Sourcing the right property to turn into an HMO, or sourcing the right existing HMO to maximise takes skill, knowledge and foresight. Through our experiences for ourselves and our clients, we know exactly what to look for when sourcing an HMO. There are simple often not obvious differences between properties which we look at which can either increase or decrease your return on investment significantly longer term if you need help selecting the right property, please get in touch and we’ll help find the right property for you.

Previous projects include a multitude of 6, 7 and 8 bedroom conversions, as well as 12 bedroom, 15 bedroom and 25 bedroom properties we have sourced.


HMO conversions are the key to achieving the highest possible return with the least hassle and the least maintenance. Our fast, efficient experienced build team have the expertise to ensure your HMO conversion is carried out quickly, to an exacting standard ready to minimise void periods, maximise return on investment and minimise maintenance as well as ensuring the property is comfortable and enjoyable for the tenants to live in. we have a wealth of experience in loft conversions, extensions, internal alterations, adding ensuites and all the other areas required to convert from commercial property, 2/3/4 bed house or small HMO into 4/5/6/7/8+ bedroom Super HMO.


Our team will manage the rooms, tenants and property on your behalf while also ensuring you get good utilities rates, internet and service to pass on to the tenants, ensuring higher profits.