Finding the best HMO deals in the best areas and negotiating BMV purchase prices for our investors whilst finding suitable properties through our extensive database of estate agents and clients. 

There are a number of factors that we are constantly researching and reviewing to ensure we source the best deals for our clients. Some of the key factors our Sourcing Team look for are areas with great transport links, infrastructure and access to London or major towns. We’re also reviewing upcoming or ongoing town developments.

It’s also important to ensure you’re investing in sought after areas, so we identify core areas across the UK where there’s been consistent high demand from first-time buyers and tenants for the past 10 years, high levels of employment with a strong presence of blue-chip companies, as well as good education, attractions and leisure facilities.

HMOs generate higher cash flow and rental yields compared to other investment strategies. You can invest in HMOs as a limited company, avoid high stamp duty costs and offset costs against your rental income. There are also a number of tax benefits that you can enjoy when investing in HMOs.

HMOs are an incredible source of income for property investors and also benefit from increasing long-term capital appreciation, making them one of the best investments across the UK. It’s only a matter of time before other property investors catch on, so get ahead of the curve.

Investors are securing property prices up to 10% lower than the surrounding areas in relatively untapped markets – these areas are growing exponentially. Plus, with increasing demand for high quality single rooms across the UK, HMOs benefit from in low void periods.

Unless you know what to look for, it’s not easy to identify a great investment area, which is why so many investors use our HMO Property Sourcing Service. Our HMO Sourcing Team has years’ of experience investing across the UK and are dedicated to finding the best investment opportunities for you.

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What We Do


Our HMO property sourcing service is second to none, identifying the best HMO opportunities across the UK


We provide the investment for HMOs to make the opportunity more appealing and feasible to buyers


Our experienced and qualified team members are fully equiped with all planning applications for HMOs.


Extensive experience with property management as these type of properties require greater involvement


We're here to make developing a fast and profitable reality. Our team can help you develop an existing property or we can help you find a property with great development potential.


We are fully licenced and will manage all aspects of your lettings. You never need speak to another tenant again.